A Review of the Instadebit Banking System

Instadebit is an alternative banking method for making online purchases, including transactions in online casinos, with Canadian users in mind. The best thing about making Instadebit deposits and other transactions is that they are always free to the user and there are never any fees for moving funds from one account to another. Customers simply register their bank accounts with Instadebit and then use the service to make secure purchases as usual.

Signing Up

In order to use the service, customers will first need to sign up. To do this, they will visit the website and provide some basic information. Identification information such as names, addresses, birthdates and other things will be required, and the customer will also need to determine which bank account they would like to link to their accounts. In fact, customers who are visiting casinos offering this payment method can sign up at the very same time that they are making their first transactions. When they choose this payment option, they will be given a choice to log in or create an account. It really is that simple!

Making Purchases

Another interesting thing about this company that is different from many other e-wallet service providers is that customers will have a choice as to where they would like the funds to come from. The account can be pre-loaded with funds to make purchases, or the customer can choose to 'pull' funds from their bank accounts when they make purchases. In either case, the customer's bank account information is always kept confidential--something that many casino-goers appreciate. Of course, the service can be used in thousands of locations around the world outside of online casinos.

Support and Service

The company provides customers with an online account management page which is good news for those who like to review all of their transactions from time to time. From this page, any discrepancies can be addressed very quickly with an email to the customer support team or a request to start a live web chat feature. The agents are incredibly friendly and knowledgeable, and they will work diligently to answer questions and resolve issues. There is also a telephone support line for customers who do not want to chat electronically--1-877-88DEBIT. The agents are available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, so customers will not need to wait to have their problems taken care of.


Of course, the primary reason why so many casino-goers prefer an alternative like Instadebit to using their credit cards, debit cards or bank accounts is because these services provide excellent security. Any time a transaction is made using this service, no personal or financial information is provided to the merchant. All the customer has to do is authorize the purchase, and Instadebit releases the funds to the merchant. All transactions--including deposits into casino accounts--are instant. Players will not have to wait before they can access their casino funds.

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